Summer Sea Trout Fly Fishing

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Traditionally in the UK, MOST sea trout fly fishing is done at night. This has a lot to do with the confidence of fish and hence, the productivity of fishing. However, it also limits the appeal of sea trout fishing, as many people simply don’t want to be fishing through the night! Typically, day time fishing focuses on higher water conditions, with rivers carrying a little colour and also fishing large natural lakes and costal marks.

So for a different take on targeting sea trout on fly this summer, checkout the exciting video at the top of the page! Yes, that’s right targeting sea trout on dries during daytime, fishing actively to stimulate takes. It looks so much fun, we look forward to doing some ourselves.

Sea Trout, taken by Paul Greenacre!
Summer sea trout. Photo by Paul Greenacre.

Bonus Tip: – Remember sea trout are brown trout that elect to migrate. This trick works very well at times for your regular trout fishing.😉

Tight Lines.

Team MFF


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