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Taddy Buzzer

The Taddy Buzzer has caught thousands of fish in recent years and is particularly effective during extreme conditions (i.e. cold or hot). This makes it an excellent fly selection for winter fishing, when trout are taking midge pupa.

The key to success with this fly is size or lack of it. I fish size 14 to 20. It gets to depth fast, has a great appearance and the gift of lifelike movement missing in so many modern midge patterns. A real winning combination.

Taddy Buzzer
Size 16 black/red taddy buzzer


  • Hook – Kamasan B110 size 14-20
  • Head – Silver bead 1.8 – 2mm
  • Underbody/tag – Red 6/0 tying thread
  • Overbody – Black 6/0 tying thread
  • Tail – Tuft of white marabou
  • Rib – fine pearl lurex

Previously I’ve finished the fly with either 3 coats of varnish or 1 of epoxy. I now use BUG BOND however as the finish is clear, application is fast and easy compared with epoxy and the resulting fly is more robust.

Top tip – tie up some alternative colours for testing on your home waters. All red, crimson/red tag, grey/red tag, olive/orange tag, white/orange tag are some I’ve found to be effective under certain conditions. However the original is by far the best all round, year round version.

Would love to hear your feedback on the Taddy Buzzer.

Have fun!



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