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Welcome to our Autumn 2023 edition of The Inside Line, delivering seasonal fly fishing news, tips, articles, videos, podcasts, reviews and more to you. Note – All feature links below will open in a new browser tab!

Yes, it’s autumn already. Probably my favourite time of the year and a great time to be waterside. Here are a few resources we feel you will find useful and fun.

Big Landing Nets.

If landing nets don’t rate highly on your priority list of fly fishing gear and gadgets, let me ask you this one question. Have you ever felt intense pain at losing a big fish? Yes? Read on. No? Read on, you may yet be spared!😉 Continue reading here…

The Stop Process.

If like ourselves, you find the prospect of going fly fishing exciting, it’s easy to be too quick to start on your arrival waterside. Overcoming this can make your fishing more productive and enjoyable, that’s why we evolved STOP. A process to start each fishing day with. Find out more…

Free Fly Fishing Review.

Last issue we launched our new online review tool and feedback has been good, thank you. If you’ve not yet taken advantage of your free online review, you can do so here. We don’t hassle you with follow up emails to book a lesson. It’s there for you to spot areas you might need help with, along with advice on how to make progress. If you decide you would like to book a lesson that’s great, you won’t be pressured by us though!

Current Fishing Reports.

Late summer into early autumn continues to provide good river fly fishing, with clients enjoying success using a variety of nymph and dry fly strategies. While lakes will only get better as autumn progresses, a comforting thought with the end of our river season in sight! Read the full report here.

A.I. in Fly Fishing.

Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic right now, if you hadn’t noticed! We are no doubt just starting to scratch the surface of possibilities in working with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), in all walks of life, let alone fly fishing! Saying that, this is all about fly fishing. Find out more about my early experiments, results and thoughts here.

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