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A Fly Fishing Power Law!

Most of us feel we don’t have enough time for the things we love to do. So would you like to cast better, fish better, catch more fish, catch more bigger fish or learn how to fly fish, with limited time commitment? Find out how here.

The Shooting Stick Philosophy.

Ask me what really excites me about going fly fishing and I will respond with the term visual fly fishing. Asked to expand on this, I’ll say observation of the water, surrounding environment and conditions to locate feeding fish, stalk a selected fish I want to catch, then watch it eat my fly. That’s what does it for me! Continue reading…

Trout Spey.

The term “trout spey” has become trendy in recent years, but what does it mean?

Spey casting is a term used to collectively refer to a group of fly casts enabling you to deliver your fly to fish or holding water where no space for a backcast exists. Traditionally spey casting is associated with salmon fishing and to some degree sea trout fishing using both single and double handed fly rods. It’s also been used by trout anglers for eons to a lesser extent with single handed fly rods. If your initial thoughts are, this is limited to river fishing, think again, it’s a valuable addition to the Stillwater fly fishers armoury of tactics too. Find out more with this article and accompanying video. (Tip – Read the article, then watch the video. You will see why😉!)

New Fishing Report & Advice for Spring Action.

It’s late February and life is good! Stillwater fly fishing over recent weeks has been good to various techniques presenting nymphs and streamers to trout at key times. We’ve coached a number of clients wanting to up their fly casting skills too. Now with spring on the horizon we have the eagerly anticipated start of a new river trout fishing season and all the joy that brings. Continue reading…

A Fly Casting Case Study.

This is Alex’s journey, in his words, of the preparation for a dream fishing trip, enjoy!

Creating a Powerful Fishing Log with Apple’s Notes App.

Since Apple added the “@” tag into their Notes app, I’ve been using it for the creation of simple databases. Using this puts your fishing log on steroids! It’s fast and easy to setup. Convenient to maintain and very efficient for reference. Find out more.

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