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Welcome to our Spring 2024 edition of The Inside Line! Delivering seasonal fly fishing news, tips, articles, videos, podcasts, reviews and more to you. Note – All feature links below will open in a new browser tab!

With spring being the traditional start of fly fishing historically, we thought, let’s pack this edition with some extra content for you to enjoy and maybe learn something from. So our first tip this issue is, if you only read one feature below, make sure it’s “Overcoming Blind Spots”.

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Overcoming Blind Spots.

In my own experience of fly fishing, one of the limiting beliefs I had for several years, was that my fly casting was good enough. Sure, on some occasions that was true. On others, it was the biggest thing holding me back. Continue reading here…

Winter/Spring Fishing News.

Reports for early 2024 and a look forward to Spring fishing.

Starting to Fly Fish for Salmon.

While surfing Youtube on a dark, wet winter day, we came across a fabulous video for anyone wanting to start fly fishing for salmon. So this feature focuses mainly on a 22 minute video along with a few of our own thoughts in note form. Two points before you click through to watch. One, the advice Daniel provides during the video is applicable to many situations, not just salmon, so it’s worth watching anyway. Two, the fact that he refers to “Danish salmon fishing” does not mean it is not applicable elsewhere. Watch and enjoy here, we did!

A.I. in Fly Fishing Part 2!

Recently I’ve been playing with Google’s A.I. Bard (now Gemini). One area of exploration has been writing prompts for general fishing advice, the sort of thing you might write when looking to progress. Find out more…

Dry Fly Fishing Lakes.

Undoubtedly one of the most under rated, under used, and yet outstandingly fun techniques in fly fishing. Even better, Spring is probably the best time to dry fly fish lakes. So if you only view two features in this issue, make sure watching this video is the second!😉

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