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Welcome to our Summer 2023 edition of The Inside Line, delivering seasonal fly fishing news, tips, articles, videos, podcasts, reviews and more to you. Note – All feature links below will open in a new browser tab!

Your Ultimate Fly Fishing Tool.

Catching a fish!

Summer is a great time to be outdoors. However the time you have available to fish, might not always match up with optimum times for fish to feed. Always remember, it’s better to go fishing than not.

Focusing on the process of actually fishing and making it as good as you can, will help you in the long run. Making this process fun, makes fishing fun, even when the fish don’t play the game. With all the information now available to us, it’s easy to wonder, “where do I start?”. We’ve created a new online coaching tool, enabling you to assess your fly fishing and provide you with key advice on what to improve and how to do it. All this is completely free. Take this short quiz now to receive your personalised recommendations.

Five Fly Fishing Tips for Summer.

Fly fishing for trout during Summer provides the angler with fabulous sport provided you adapt to a new set of conditions. Here are 5 tips to boost your success.

Our Latest Fishing Report.

As the weather slowly warmed week by week, so fly life became more abundant and trout responded. Stillwater fishing hit a sweet spot where fishing is good and weather is very pleasant to be outdoors perfecting your fly fishing. Our river fishing also improved with weather conditions and as I type we are enjoying the latter stages of mayfly time. Read the full report here.

Something to Watch.

Are you fly fishing when waterside or are you just casting? If there are no fish where your fly is, it’s the latter! So how do we locate feeding fish? Take a look at this video from Steve to help you identify the holding water.

Why Summer is Like Yo Sushi for Trout.

The bottom line is, summer is a time of plenty. This simple fact is often seen as a negative by fly fishers, fish are picky, satiated, lazy, it’s difficult, etc. However with a little thought, this can be quickly turned into a positive advantage for the fly fisher. Find out how!

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