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Steve returning a wild rainbow to the Derbyshire Wye.

Welcome to our Summer 2024 edition of The Inside Line! Delivering seasonal fly fishing news, tips, articles, videos, podcasts, reviews and more to you. Note – All feature links below will open in a new browser tab!

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Summer Fly Fishing Fun on Rivers

Successfully fly fishing rivers for trout during summer, requires a different approach to spring. Broadly speaking, river levels will be lower, with clearer water. Many anglers seem deterred by such conditions. It is in fact an opportunity for fabulous fishing, fun and learning! Find out more.

Sea Trout By Day

For a different take on targeting sea trout with flies this summer, checkout this exciting video! Yes, that’s right, targeting sea trout on dries during daytime. It looks so much fun, we look forward to doing some ourselves.

Fishing Reports

Our current news on fishing, what’s working on lake and river, etc. Continue reading

Carp Fly Fishing

Fishing for carp using the technique of fly fishing has been on the rise during recent years, with both trout anglers and carp anglers wanting a new challenge. I’ve had an on/off fascination in catching these big, powerful, fish on fly since the 1990s. Here, I share my thoughts from then, now and for the future, enabling you to enjoy sport with cunning, hard fighting fish, during the heat of summer. Continue reading

Bonus “Summer Fly Fishing Tips”

For more advice on fly fishing for trout during summer, checkout this selection of features. You are sure to find a gem!

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