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Welcome to our Winter 2023/24 edition of The Inside Line, delivering seasonal fly fishing news, tips, articles, videos, podcasts, reviews and more to you. Note – All feature links below will open in a new browser tab!

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More on the STOP Process.

In our Autumn 2023 edition we introduced the STOP concept. Recently I’ve been listening to this podcast with Andrew Huberman which may explain why the “take a deep breath” portion of STOP enables us to see more of what is happening around us! The breath/vision section is early in the podcast if you want to get straight to it.

How does this relate to your fishing? Well, speaking for myself, fish that I can see and/or see move, thus giving away their location, I often achieve a response from having cast to that zone. This however goes beyond just seeing fish, it tunes you into what is happening in nature, enabling you to notice subtle clues that can make a big difference.

What I’ve Been Watching Recently.

If you are looking for some Christmas viewing, checkout this super streamer fishing video with Kelly Galloup. Very entertaining and informative as Kelly always is. Streamer fishing has really taken off in popularity during recent years. If you’ve not heard of Kelly, he’s the guy who made it so popular. Don’t be fooled by his down to earth, entertaining style, this guy seriously knows his stuff. I’ve followed his work since the publication of his first book “Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout” way back.

Quick Hide!

Years ago I got to see the fishes view of bank side activity, so I know how important this is. Checkout a few quick tips and a funny story to help you remain hidden from fish.

A Great Fish Location Tool.

So you’ve read a million “X mark’s the spot” type of articles on fish location. Well the good news is, this is not one of them! What I’m sharing here is one tool to improve your fish finding skills. Find out more!

5 Tips to Improve Your Lake Fly Fishing.

If you caught trout 8 out of 10 fly fishing days, would you be happy? That is my initial question to you. If your answer is yes, read on, I have some very good news.

Fishing Reports.

Catch up on all our fishing reports right here.

New for 2024!

Helping you become a better fly fisher!
Helping you become a better fly fisher!

For years we have created a library of media that we use to support clients post lessons. For 2024 we are offering you the chance to be 1 of 10 people lucky to benefit from personalised online coaching. You receive an initial assessment, 3 live online coaching sessions with Steve, which you can take over a 12 month period and support material following each coaching session to help you become a better fly fisher. All this is just £99 making it great value and more convenient than ever, to get professional coaching for your fly fishing, personalised to your needs. For further information and to book your place on this program, please complete this form, choosing “online coaching” where it asks “What are you interested in”.

Last But Not Least – A Bonus Fishing Tip.

Planning on enjoying some grayling fishing this winter? If so, remember this useful rule of thumb. Should you not catch the river bed every few casts when nymphing, you are unlikely to be fishing deep enough. Hence you will be missing fish and need to adjust your approach.

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