Winter Fly Fishing Update

Fishing Reports

20.5lb rainbow trout
20.5lb rainbow trout
20.5lb rainbow Trout to Don Stazicker
Big pike
Big Pike

Large trout and pike are the current favourite targets for our more experienced anglers, with mild conditions and clear water providing great opportunities to pursue these fish.

The pike fly fishing is only going to get better as they feed hard prior to spawning in a few weeks time. Likewise, the stillwater trout fishing during the first half of the year will be great. Plenty to look forward to, so get out there and enjoy!

For the pike take a selection of various coloured streamers and remember, they don’t have to be be massive 10-12 inch flies. Streamers in the 6-8 inch range are much easier to cast for less experienced casters.

On the trout front right now, a mix of streamers, buzzers, bloodworm, hares ear nymphs and a few stalking bugs are proving effective.



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