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Polaroid Sunglasses Review

Posted on November 3rd, 2010

During Spring 2010 we received samples of Polaroid Sunglasses for evaluation of performance and comfort. Guides and clients alike have used and abused them over several months, day in day out. Results have to say the least been positive!

Crest P7020A Polaroid Sunglasses

Crest P7020A Polaroid Sunglasses

Bamboo P7027B Polaroid Sunglasses

Bamboo P7027B Polaroid Sunglasses

The  2 designs provided a good comfortable fit for numerous face shapes, the wrap around style shielding eyes from harsh glare from the water surface.

First Trout on Fly

Angler, first trout & Polaroid Sunglasses!

Both models were also very light, to the point of being hardly noticeable. OK so the shades look great, are comfortable, but do they do the job you ask? Simple answer, yes!

We tested models with amber and grey lenses during various light and water conditions. No one experienced eye strain, the comfort and protection enhancing anglers concentration. Visibility into the water was found to be as good as sunglasses of twice the price and lenses had good resistance to scratching.

For a stylish, highly functional pair of polaroid shades, which don’t break the bank, we rate these as a must buy!

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Rod Review

Posted on May 26th, 2010

Our review of Orvis Western 3 fly rods in our newsletter was so well received we just had to share it with the rest of the world, so here it is!

We’ve been thoroughly testing the Orvis western 3 fly rods for over a year now and thought it time to give our review of these rods.

Described by Orvis as tip action, we feel the rods to be on the softer side of tip action, erring toward middle to tip. This makes the rod very useable in a whole range of situations and ideal for beginners too!

Originally designed as a “stillwater range” the lighter rods in the range are useful river rods. The 10 foot 4wt & 5wt models make great additions to the river, offering superb reach and line control for short line, czech nymph, high stick and duo/trio techniques. The mat blank finish has obvious advantages.

The 9 foot 6 inch 6wt model has been a superb stillwater tool, performing outstandingly on small, medium size lakes and as a light nymph / dry fly rod for reservoir fishing. Even when stalking fish at close range, the delicate tip action has the perfect balance between power and give to take a fight to fish without fear of hook pulls. Here again the mat finish blanks have been a big advantage!

7wt and 8wt models are perfect for handling blustery conditions, larger flies and sinking line combinations on the reservoirs. While being a little too soft for serious rudder fishing, they handle most other situations with ease, allowing you to feel the fight and your cast as well.

Overall this range of rods has performed superbly. The performance provided for the price, makes them fabulous value for money. A MUST BUY item if you are in the market for a new rod for any of the above applications!


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