February’s Fishing & Looking Forward to Spring 2023

Fishing Reports

It’s late February and life is good! Stillwater fly fishing over recent weeks has been good to various techniques presenting nymphs and streamers to trout at key times. We’ve coached a number of clients wanting to up their fly casting skills too. Now with spring on the horizon we have the eagerly anticipated start of a new river trout fishing season and all the joy that brings.

Early spring often has much in common with winter, both conditions wise and fishing wise. Lake or river, the hot bite period resides between 11AM and 3PM. The actual timing and length varying day to day depending upon conditions.

For stillwaters we suggest keeping with lures, general nymph patterns, buzzers and bloodworm using floating, sink tip, intermediate and medium sink lines.

Early season on rivers are generally nymph fishing as the main tactic, with a dry outfit ready to take advantage of a rise during hatch periods, regardless of how short or sparse they maybe. A selection of beadhead nymphs, shrimps and a good general dry fly suggesting one of the olive family of flies such as an Adams is a really good starting point. Where allowed a spot of early season streamer fishing can be very effective.

For further information on flies, take a look at our suggested fly selection.

Have fun and if you’d like help, you know where we are!

Team MFF.


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