Fishing Report at July 10th 2020

Fishing Reports

River Wye Rainbow
A stunning Derbyshire Wye rainbow trout, caught on dry fly after we watched it rising .

Our river fishing has and continues to focus on Derbyshire’s river Wye. This is our choice as it minimises travel during the C19 situation and this river offers some of the best UK river trout fishing available on our doorstep. Clients and ourselves have enjoyed superb fishing through June and early July. We’ve guided anglers keen to make the most of a much longed for day on the water and coached others looking to develop skills and knowledge on the river. This quality sport will continue until the season’s end in October, for anglers fishing dry fly and nymph tactics effectively. Find out more here.

Stillwater fishing has entered the challenging summer phase early this year, due to the summer like spring weather. The fishing is as variable as the weather at the moment and we are focusing on coaching clients in specific areas and casting. Typically, the most consistent results at this time come to a team of nymphs and wets, some with a touch of flash where the water has some colour. On clear water, sight fishing with small weighted bugs is fun and highly productive.


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