Head Smacking Tips No 1

Fly Fishing Tips

We are a helpful bunch here at MFF, so in order to help our readers get more from fly fishing (which is what we are all about) we have a new “head smacking tips” series coming your way.

First off lets look at depth or more precisely, feeding depth. The months June through September see the fishy food chain at it’s peak (in the northern hemisphere). Result, lazy¬† fish! Regardless of species for much of this time, fish have so much food available, making extraordinary effort to nail one item (e.g. your fly) is out, after all something else equally tasty is just a flared gill away.

What does this mean for you, the fly fisher? You have to make life easy for the fish and work harder yourself. The single most effective way to have your fly accepted by a fish is to present it as close to a fishes mouth as possible, simple eh? This single, simple fact will vastly increase your catches at anytime, however during summer, presenting your fly right in front of a fishes business end is vital. Get your fly at the fishes feeding depth and win the battle, fishing can be fantastic during even the traditional “dog days”.

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