Head Smacking Tips No 2

Fly Fishing Tips

The second installment of our “head smacking tips” series is all about flies! Not read the first of our top tips? Catch it here.

As fly anglers flies by their nature catch our eye After all, who can walk into a fly shop and not browse the ranks of fur and feather on display? We would also postulate that most of us carry way too many flies.

Certainly once you get to know a water, anything more than a small mix of general nymphs, dries and a few pieces of meat put together as your go to selection born of experience, plus a couple of your own variants as change patterns when the going gets tough, is all you will ever need. Anything more is just giving in to your own insecurities (we all have them from time to time).

A prime reason for this can be found whenever fishing is tough. The more fly boxes you have, the more time is spent scratching heads, rubbing brows, muttering and ceaselessly searching a multitude of boxes looking for that winning fly! This time is better spent reading water, searching water efficiently, staying mobile, working confidence patterns effectively, all to put your fly in front of as many fish as possible.

Try this and catch more fish more often!

Tight Lines

MFF Team


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