Head Smacking Tips No 3

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Our latest installment of the “Head Smacking Tips” series looks at sinking lines. You can catch the second installment here!

In our experience, many fly fishers misunderstand sinking lines. The facts are, correct use of sinking lines requires every bit as much skill and often more thought than pure floating lines. Their primary aim is to help present your fly at a given depth, the importance of which we covered here! However using a sunk line at times also provides you with an added edge over many other anglers!

Visit any busy fishery and you will see an abundance of anglers fishing floating lines. No problem here, though it makes resident fish wary of flies that jig excessively as flies lift and fall according to movement of a floating line (want to see just how much your fly lifts on various retrieves? Practice retrieving your fly along the margins in clear water, it will open your eyes).

Switching to an appropriate sinking line smooths out this jigging effect and by balancing your setup correctly, you fool more fish. Now that’s what we call a serious bonus effect! Want to learn how to do this? Call us to discuss your fly fishing tuition now!

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