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Fishing Report at 5th June 2018

Posted on June 5th, 2018

1st trout on fly!

One of many people enjoying an introduction to fly fishing in May.

The last 5 weeks have been filled with truly wonderful days shared waterside with clients. Midlands Fly Fishing took over 100 people fly fishing during May, from beginners wanting to start fly fishing the right way, to more experienced fly fishers using our guiding service. Great to see so many familiar faces returning as well as new clients.

River fishing has been and continues to be superb, all venues are performing well right now, with dry fly the name of the game. Mayfly hatches are a little behind on many waters this year, so if you want to catch some late action to this hatch, get in touch to discuss opportunities.

A superb river brown trout of 4lbs, a big trout from a small stream.

Austin with his biggest river brown!

Stillwater fishing has also been excellent overall. True we’ve had a few tough days when it’s extremely hot in terms of catches, however we firmly believe in ensuring clients learn, improve and have fun. We cannot control conditions or the mood of fish. This ┬ábelief is proven again and again, by clients who let us know how much benefit time spent with us has become to their ongoing fly fishing. Great to hear! The big plus with the weather has been the abundance and diversity of insect life. Most days we’ve been able to look at lure, nymph and dry fly fishing techniques in one session with fish responding positively.

Looking forward to the summer months, Stillwater sport will gradually become more challenging. It’s a time when river fishing is often more productive. On waters like the Derbyshire Wye the often quoted term “dog days of summer” really is a figment of anglers imagination as long as you know how, when and where to fish!

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Fishing Report at 1st May 2018

Posted on May 1st, 2018

group fly fishing days

Spring is a great time to start fly fishing!

April proved a real mixed month weather wise, however fishing was excellent! A month of introducing newcomers to the sport, eager to enjoy Spring’s bountiful fly fishing. Plenty of seasoned anglers also took their annual fly casting tune up, in preparation for spring trout and salmon.

On the lakes we experienced some superb nymph fishing at times, with some really good buzzer hatches. As I type, we’ve just enjoyed our first fall of Hawthorne flies and the resulting trout feast on the buffet. More of this to come through May, as olives then Mayfly hatches kick in. Looking forward to sharing great nymph and dry fly fishing with clients this month.

River wise our first river trips have been to the highly productive Derbyshire Wye. Despite mixed conditions, we experienced some superb dry fly fishing with the river’s wild rainbow and brown trout. It only gets better and better here, with prolific fly hatches and dry fly fishing to look forward to. Our chalk stream fishing starts this week, with Mayfly around the corner it’s time to chase dream trout on dry flies! If you’ve not yet booked your fishing trip, we have 4 days available currently. Get in touch to book your day.

Brown Trout from the Derbyshire Wye

A wild brown trout from the river Wye

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Fishing Report at March 14th 2018

Posted on March 14th, 2018

Spring into action with midlands fly fishing

Fine early spring fish and big smiles.

Stillwater fly fishing has been superb in recent weeks between the spells of very cold weather. We’ve done very well with lures and nymphs, plus a few fish to dry fly, all in all, very nice. With most water crystal clear, their has been some very exciting, sight fishing. The lake fishing will only become more and more interesting as we move through Spring!

Lakes were frozen solid.

If their is a plus side to the bouts of very cold weather this winter in comparison with the past two years, lakes have a much lower temperature going into spring. Unless we have an extremely hot spring, good fishing should be prolonged to much later in the year for 2018!

Having talked stillwater, we are now just days away from starting another river trout season! It will be fabulous to challenge trout on our favourite flowing waters once more and share this experience with clients.

Fly Fishing Rivers

Client & Guide enjoying the challenge of early spring fly fishing for trout. Join us!

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Fishing Report January 2018

Posted on January 29th, 2018

winter fly fishing success

Tom with a nice rainbow, from a very productive lesson, during a tough fishing conditions.

2018 has started with some great winter fly fishing on the lakes. It’s a time when either lures or small sparse nymphs work, depending on the day. That said 2 fish came to dry fly, showing the benefits of using a dry with nymph droppers. Lakes have been extremely clear, so fishing lighter lines, smaller flies and longer leaders is paying off, especially during flat calm, bright sun conditions.

Top flies have been lures imitating the baitfish available, bloodworm, buzzers, hares ear nymph.

Many anglers are looking ahead to spring, so now is the time to tune up casting for the season ahead and arrange lessons for the lakes and river trips!

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Fishing Report at December 16th 2017

Posted on December 16th, 2017

Winter trout fishing success

Learning and having fun. A win, win situation!

Other than the 3 days lost to lakes being iced up during December, the fishing is great! Clients new to the sport or previously unconvinced about fly fishing in winter have enjoyed the fruits of learning some new tricks!

Top flies are lures, buzzers, bloodworm, damsels and sparse general nymphs like the hares ear right now.

Taddy Buzzer

Size 16 black/red taddy buzzer. Try tying some of these for when the going gets tough!

Wishing you a great Christmas from team MFF!

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Fly Fishing Report at 13th November 2017

Posted on November 13th, 2017

big brown trout fry feeding

Stunning autumn brown caught fry feeding.

Since the close of our river trout season, we’ve mainly focused on Stillwater trout and pike fly fishing. Both species are top predators and streamer fishing has been epic, with clients catching quality trout to around 7lbs along with pike to around 11lbs.

Not all trout fishing is about big flies, many days we’ve caught fish using nymphing techniques, presenting mostly midge pupa and bloodworm imitations to good effect, with a few fish still willing to take a dry fly too.

Many days are more about the learning for our clients, it’s great to work with people to introduce them to the sport and even better to subsequently help them grow as fly fishers. So, many days are taken up with casting lessons, technique specific tuition and refining existing fly fishing skills.

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Fly Fishing Report at 12th October 2017

Posted on October 12th, 2017

autumn fly fishing opportunities on lake and river.

We are right in the middle of autumn, our river trout season has just ended with a bang and Stillwater fishing is getting better by the week as water temperature drops and food availability reduces.

Our river trout fishing ended as normal, little competition for our clients in the form of other anglers and loads of trout bulking up prior to winter and spawning. Result, some awesome fly fishing to both dry fly and nymph. For you early birds, we are taking bookings for season 2018 starting April.

The Stillwater fly fishing on the other hand is just starting it’s highly productive season. Water temperatures are good for the trout and they are hitting fry, sipping buzzers, slapping down crane flies and slashing at sedges. The opportunities are ample to both catch and learn. In addition to the trout, we’ve been helping many people prepare for salmon fishing trips, advising on gear and tweaking spey casting technique. At the same time some salmon sized trout are being caught on the lakes.

Best Fishes


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Fishing Report at August 3rd 2017

Posted on August 3rd, 2017

summer river fly fishing success

Andy with a nice brown trout on the Derbyshire Wye.

Typically Stillwater fly fishing for trout has become more challenging as summer progresses and our focus has been on the learning element here while coaching clients. Having said that, fishing is certainly not impossible, fish are being caught, you just get less chances right now. Once water temperatures and hence food supply drops in autumn, fishing will pick up, meantime hang in their everyone, especially those of you new to fly fishing!

Now is the time for a quality fishing experience on rivers. Our focus on spring fed rivers such as the Derbyshire Wye, offers excellent fishing opportunities for fly fishers seeking a quality guided fly fishing experience or a river fly fishing lesson.

Great dry fly and nymph fishing in clear water is available right now. If you struggle to catch in summer let us show you how.

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March 2017 Fly Fishing Report

Posted on March 27th, 2017

It’s official, Spring is here! March has been a very interesting month. Early March saw me presenting at the first London Fly Fishing Fair, a really good event, with a venue and organisation that shows fly fishing in a very good light. It was interesting to contrast my environment during those two days, with my normal office, a prime example of the beneficial effects and true escape fly fishing provides!

london fly fishing fair

Presenting at the London Fly Fishing Fair.

The rest of March has been focused on the water, the seasonal increase in fly fishers emerging from fly fishing hibernation has begun. Lakes are fishing brilliantly, many quality fish being landed fighting well above their weight. A combination of nymph and lure fishing according to daily weather conditions have been the ticket to success.

March fly fishing success

Charlie joined me for 2 days after 2 years off fly fishing. It was worth the wait!

Finally, the river trout season opened mid month on the Derbyshire Wye. Typically sport centres on nymph fishing, with fly hatches very much dependant upon conditions day to day. March 2017 is no different and it has been great to catch the first wild brown trout of the year with clients once again.

Looking forward April, May and June are going to be awesome! If you’ve not yet booked your trip, get in touch.

Best Fishes


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Fishing Report at 1st February 2017

Posted on February 1st, 2017

Another successful fly fishing lesson!

Another successful fly fishing lesson!

2017 has started where 2016 ended, plenty of quality fly fishing for trout on the lakes. A variety of nymph and lure tactics have been successful and it’s been great to share this with clients who want to improve their existing skill set.

Another popular activity right now is tuning up your fly casting in readiness for Spring. Several anglers joined me during January to start casting programs and it looks like February will follow suit. If improving your fly casting was a New Year’s resolution, then come join me.

Looking forward the remainder of winter and spring will provide great stillwater action for trout and pike too over the next few weeks. A new river season is on the horizon and spring is starting to look busy.


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