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Fishing Report at 1st May 2018

Posted on May 1st, 2018

group fly fishing days

Spring is a great time to start fly fishing!

April proved a real mixed month weather wise, however fishing was excellent! A month of introducing newcomers to the sport, eager to enjoy Spring’s bountiful fly fishing. Plenty of seasoned anglers also took their annual fly casting tune up, in preparation for spring trout and salmon.

On the lakes we experienced some superb nymph fishing at times, with some really good buzzer hatches. As I type, we’ve just enjoyed our first fall of Hawthorne flies and the resulting trout feast on the buffet. More of this to come through May, as olives then Mayfly hatches kick in. Looking forward to sharing great nymph and dry fly fishing with clients this month.

River wise our first river trips have been to the highly productive Derbyshire Wye. Despite mixed conditions, we experienced some superb dry fly fishing with the river’s wild rainbow and brown trout. It only gets better and better here, with prolific fly hatches and dry fly fishing to look forward to. Our chalk stream fishing starts this week, with Mayfly around the corner it’s time to chase dream trout on dry flies! If you’ve not yet booked your fishing trip, we have 4 days available currently. Get in touch to book your day.

Brown Trout from the Derbyshire Wye

A wild brown trout from the river Wye

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Fishing Report at March 14th 2018

Posted on March 14th, 2018

Spring into action with midlands fly fishing

Fine early spring fish and big smiles.

Stillwater fly fishing has been superb in recent weeks between the spells of very cold weather. We’ve done very well with lures and nymphs, plus a few fish to dry fly, all in all, very nice. With most water crystal clear, their has been some very exciting, sight fishing. The lake fishing will only become more and more interesting as we move through Spring!

Lakes were frozen solid.

If their is a plus side to the bouts of very cold weather this winter in comparison with the past two years, lakes have a much lower temperature going into spring. Unless we have an extremely hot spring, good fishing should be prolonged to much later in the year for 2018!

Having talked stillwater, we are now just days away from starting another river trout season! It will be fabulous to challenge trout on our favourite flowing waters once more and share this experience with clients.

Fly Fishing Rivers

Client & Guide enjoying the challenge of early spring fly fishing for trout. Join us!

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March 2017 Fly Fishing Report

Posted on March 27th, 2017

It’s official, Spring is here! March has been a very interesting month. Early March saw me presenting at the first London Fly Fishing Fair, a really good event, with a venue and organisation that shows fly fishing in a very good light. It was interesting to contrast my environment during those two days, with my normal office, a prime example of the beneficial effects and true escape fly fishing provides!

london fly fishing fair

Presenting at the London Fly Fishing Fair.

The rest of March has been focused on the water, the seasonal increase in fly fishers emerging from fly fishing hibernation has begun. Lakes are fishing brilliantly, many quality fish being landed fighting well above their weight. A combination of nymph and lure fishing according to daily weather conditions have been the ticket to success.

March fly fishing success

Charlie joined me for 2 days after 2 years off fly fishing. It was worth the wait!

Finally, the river trout season opened mid month on the Derbyshire Wye. Typically sport centres on nymph fishing, with fly hatches very much dependant upon conditions day to day. March 2017 is no different and it has been great to catch the first wild brown trout of the year with clients once again.

Looking forward April, May and June are going to be awesome! If you’ve not yet booked your trip, get in touch.

Best Fishes


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Fishing Report at May 18th 2016

Posted on May 18th, 2016

wild river brown trout

The river trout season start has been awesome, with many wild trout caught by guests.

Fly fishing right now is hitting high gear, with good fishing on both rivers and lakes. Fly hatches are good now, bringing fish up in the water regularly and providing quality dry fly fishing in addition to nymph fishing.

As I write all waters have seen hatches of Mayfly start up, this will intensify over coming days, providing some very exciting fishing and large fish. On the lakes several coarse fish species are spawning, with trout hitting smaller specimens during times of low light. At  these times, switching from insect based flies to streamers is proving very productive.

stillwater rainbows

Quality rainbows are being enjoyed by guests on the lakes right now.

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Fishing Report at 6th April 2015

Posted on April 6th, 2015

River Wye Brown Trout

Happiness is a Spring brown trout

What a difference warm sunshine makes at this time of year. It feels fantastic to be waterside, making the most of a new river trout season, plus fabulous spring stillwater fishing with you all.

On the lakes, buzzer hatches are increasing, providing great sport with quality trout. Pre and post hatch, time is best spent prospecting with lures, or casting to trout chasing baitfish.

River fishing is heating up too, with good hatches of olives, stoneflies and midge encouraging trout to start looking up for food. Sport is far more consistent to nymph fishing tactics currently, however a few more days like today will encourage more surface feeding activity.

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Reservoir Fly Fishing Course

Posted on February 20th, 2015

Spring Reservoir fly fishing Seminar Carsington Water

Catch more trout this season – Carsington Fly Fishing Seminar – Saturday April 18th 2015

April is a great time to fish Carsington as this is the time when buzzer fishing is at its best and matching the hatch can be devastatingly effective. Now, more than ever before there is an amazing range of tackle and flies available to the angler, so much so that selecting the right tackle and flies for any particular day on the water can seem overwhelming.

Join qualified instructors Don Stazicker and Steve Yeomans for a morning seminar that will enable you to enjoy your best season ever! Take advantage of our many years of guiding experience as we show you what trout eat, how to imitate it and how to present your flies for greatest success. In the afternoon you get the chance to go afloat and put your new knowledge into practice.

No boat partner? Don’t worry, you can pair up on the day, who knows, it might be the beginning of a great fishing friendship.

The fee for the day is £79.50 per person which includes an entertaining morning packed with essential information, a half day boat fee and fishing permit, great value for any angler. 

We have just 4 places remaining so book ASAP (Bookings must be made before April 1st 2015) by contacting Steve Yeomans on 07901 744869 or e-mail us here.

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March 2014 Fly Fishing Report

Posted on March 27th, 2014

Learn to fly fish this Spring!

Learn to fly fish this Spring!

Trout caught a dose of March madness as conditions over the month were excellent. All clients enjoyed good catches while applying what they learned. The lakes right now are fishing amazingly well to nymph and lure techniques, with successful flies as per previous months.

April sees the first of our fly fishing taster courses, plus the start of our river trout season. Fishing just gets better and better through April, so come along and enjoy the fun waterside!

Tight Lines

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Fishing Report at 3rd March 2014

Posted on March 3rd, 2014

first trout of spring

First day, first trout on fly, what a way to start Spring!

As I write, the sun is shinning in a cloudless blue sky and early spring feels very good. It’s a world away from February, when we were constantly rescheduling trips due to atrocious weather. When we did hit the water last month, it was lakes we focussed on, where trout and pike were in keen feeding and fighting mood.

The trout fishing has been prolific, with fish feeding hard on small fish, shrimps, bloodworm and buzzers. So unsurprisingly, thats what we mimicked with our flies and we caught very well. Now is such a perfect time for anyone wanting to start fly fishing. We have lots of fish activity and they are responding well to the core fly patterns.

For fly fishers looking to take their fishing to the next level, we have a course that is perfect for you: –

  • Improve casting/presentation skills for still and running water
  • Learn the secrets to fish location in any waterway
  • Find out what fish are eating & what flies to use
  • What to do when the going gets tough

Who’s it for? – Any fly fisher who wants to improve.
Where – Loynton Lakes
When – Saturday 22nd March 2014, 9.30AM – 4.30PM
Cost – £75 inclusive of fishing fees

Good Reasons To Go: –

Great for all ability levels beyond first timers. The day will include talks, demonstrations, workshops and quality time to fly fish for Loynton’s stunning rainbows, putting into practice what you learn.

Easy travelLoynton’s location makes it really easy to access, whether you are traveling from the Midlands, North or South England and Wales.

You’ll learn a ton! Listen, watch, participate, in talks, workshops, Q&A and demonstrations by Steve Yeomans. “My role as host for the day is to help you improve your fly fishing as much as possible and enjoy yourself.”

Meet new friends. A big bonus of joining a fly fishing course, is the opportunity to meet new fishing friends.

Goals for the day are to learn, relax, have fun and catch fish.

Book your place today! Call 07901 744869 or email us here

See you soon!

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April Fishing 2013

Posted on May 6th, 2013

Spring Corporate Fishing Days

A perfect Spring corporate fly fishing day. Lots of fun and plenty of fish!

It’s great to see my prediction from our last report come to fruition. The past 2 weeks have provided stunning stillwater fly fishing, with amazing buzzer hatches. Olive hatches are starting to become more abundant and with warmer average temperatures recently, Spring is starting to catch up.

We’ve enjoyed introducing several groups of people to the benefits of fly fishing, along with the many 1-to-1 lessons throughout April. May and June are the months everyone wants to come fly fishing, so already we only have a few dates available until mid June. Ensure you join the fun, book your trip today!

River fishing is starting to really get going now. Expect the Derbyshire Wye in particular to provide some really special fly fishing opportunities, right through to the seasons end on October 8th.

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Spring 2013

Posted on April 8th, 2013

Spring fly fishing

Early spring might have been cold, however fishing is good and you great fun!

Stillwater fly fishing has led the way during early spring. No surprise really as early spring 2013 has been rather like winter! Having said that, overall fishing has been good. You will find what worked in winter is still working now. By April’s end we will be enjoying great hatches of buzzers, with olives, hawthorn and mayfly, lining up to trigger a trout feeding frenzy. Some of the most exciting, visual, fly fishing of the year.

With a new river trout fishing season open, we have found sport very mixed, with the majority of feeding activity limited to the warmer midday/early afternoon time. Get the weather right and you can experience good fishing though. As things warm up, so will the river fishing. I always think of the river season as starting properly from late April, anything before that is a bonus.

On the pike fly fishing front, very low water temperatures through March halted the pre-spawn feasting and as yet the pike have shown no inclination to feed or breed. As soon as temperatures steadily rise with some degree of continuity, pike fishing is going to go off the scale.

Steve Y

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